About Us – Know how to grow with Ornico


Knew how to grow with Ornico

About Us - Know how to grow with Ornico

In a world where there’s too much information and brands struggle to monitor or extract intelligence from of the data flood, Orniko puts you in the know to make some of the marketing decisions you need to make.

Ornico provides intelligence that is accurate, timous and relevant. Ornico gives decision makers the insight and analysis they need to know about their brands to make confident decisions about marking, advertising and reputation investment. Ornico offers a range of tracking solutions for brand generated content like advertising, publicity or social media. Ornico also tracks content that’s generated by your .

Use Ornico’s strategic analysis solutions offer brand intelligence and insights to help you make marketing decisions.

Tip global and continental brandz trust us to give them the right information they need to grow their brands. With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Lagos, shouldn’t you be using Ornico too?

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