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FMCG Advertising and what makes people tick

The first ad under scrutiny was the latest offering from Aquafresh. It featured a typical superhero as the star and it was clear that children were the ones being targeted. While the panel agreed that the superhero association worked well in terms of communicating with the target audience, members questioned why Aquafresh had moved away from the well-entrenched legacy it has created in the pay-off line “Aquafresh does it all in one, Mum”. This featured in a rather subdued manner only at the end. It was also mentioned that the information provided in the ad was too complex to appeal to children. The consensus was that the ad did not work for the brand.

Next under the microscope was Ariel’s automatic washing powder. While the testimonial format did offer a certain amount of credibility, the panel was divided about whether the ad was effective. Maseko did not find the story credible, while Rice said it used an approach associated with competitor brand Omo.

AdForum - 24 March 2017

AdForum – 24 March 2017

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Video: Ornico City launch on Maggs On Media

Following the launch of Ornico City, Ornico’s new home in Johannesburg, Maggs On Media shared snippets on one of Africa’s leading advertising shows. Attended by guests from South Africa’s leading brands, advertising agencies and marketing companies, Ornico’s move from Sandton to inner city Johannesburg is being celebrated by throwing the doors of the heritage site open to the public.

Please have a look at the video with interviews and highlights below:

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Video: The SA Social Media Landscape Report 2017 unpacked

Financial Mail Redzone

Financial Mail Redzone

Ornico CEO, Oresti Patricios shared some key findings from the SA Social Media Landscape Report 2017 with Jeremy Maggs on the Financial Mail Redzone. Some of the findings include the increase in advertising budget that both digital agencies and brands intend to invest towards Facebook. It is surprising for Patricios for that other leading platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn lag behind in terms of advertising spend that brands want to put into campaigns. Read more.

The 2017 South African Social Media Landscape Report


The 2017 South African Social Media Landscape Report

The 2017 SA Social Media Landscape Report is South Africa’s definitive research report on social media. It contains in-depth analysis of each social media network in South Africa. It includes a comprehensive survey of over 110 corporate companies and digital agencies in South Africa.

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Open Africa — Continental Brand and Business Intelligence

The definitive guide to business, branding and marketing in Africa. Brought to you by Ornico in partnership with The Gordon Institute of Business Science at The University of Pretoria.Read more.



Social Media in the Banking Industry

Ornico analysed the highly competitive banking industry in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa – from 1-20 February 2016. The African banking sector has some of the most active social media communities in Africa, with some of the most engaged influencers across the social web. Read more.

Telecommunications in Nigeria, a social media perspective


Telecommunications in Nigeria, a social media perspective

The Nigerian telecommunications industry is highly active on social media, with thousands of engaged customers voicing their opinions of each brand. Ornico analysed the entire Nigerian telecommunications industry on social media from August to October, with headline findings presented in this research report. Read more.


Broadcast and retail brands dominate the October 2015 Africa Brand Index

Brand intelligence company, Ornico, today announced the October 2015 results of the Africa Brand Index. This benchmark, powered by Fuseware technology, ranks over 500 of Africa’s top brands in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Read more.


BrandLand Episode 2: Social Media Secrets of Supersport

In the second episode of BrandLand, the monthly media and marketing podcast published by Ornico, Mongezi Mtati – who hosts the podcast for the brand intelligence company – speaks to DStv’s Sales and Marketing Director, Fahmeeda Cassim-Surtee, about why Supersport is a social media powerhouse. Read more.


Ornico and Columinate are launching AD360©

Ornico and Columinate are launching AD360© – a unique and first-of-its-kind collaboration that will give advertisers and brands better, faster and more cost-effective insights into their marketing campaigns’ performance relative to their competitors. Read more.

Ad 360

Ornico and Fuseware Launch the Africa Brand Index

Brands in Africa can now accurately and effectively measure social media reach and engagement using Ornico’s Africa Brand Index, which is powered by Fuseware. Read more.

Africa Brand Index