Ornico Twitterized


Ornico explained in 140 words, or less

The business problem: There’s too much information. Brand owners and marketing agencies are struggling to monitor, make sense of and create intelligence out of the flood.

What brands need: To monitor editorial coverage. To ensure advertising investments aren’t wasted. To track competitor brand spend, activity & coverage. To turn data into knowledge.

What Ornico does: Monitors marketing material you need to keep track of. Reports timely by email & SMS. Makes sure your marketing department is in the know.

Ornico clients: ABSA, Bidvest, Clicks, dti, Discovery, Edcon, FNB, GMSA, Gauteng Provincial Government, HSBC, Musica, MTN, Nedbank, Ogilvy, SAB Miller, Tiger Brands and many others

Ornico services: Ornico delivers smart monitoring, analysis and intelligence services that cover both brand and reputation activities.

Editorial monitoring: Tracking own and competitor brand coverage, as well as editorial coverage on trends and issues. Email and SMS alerts keep you informed of breaking coverage.

ImpacTrac: Analyse the editorial coverage, monitors editorial and journalist bias, spokesperson performance and much more – track own and compare competitor brands.

Newcomers: Get your competitor’s advertisements send directly to your email box soon after they are aired.

Advertising Library: The largest and most comprehensive library of TV, radio, outdoor, print and Internet reference material in South Africa.

SpotCheque: Verify advertising investments to ensure you don’t waste a media cent and so that your commercials are broadcast in line with your media schedule.

MediaTrac: Track how much your competitors spend on advertising and where their investments are made.

Brand Intelligence: An analysis of competitor brands to discern strategic opportunities, identify weaknesses and marketing gaps so you can bolster your brand strategy.

About Ornico: Established in 1984 by Oresti and Spero Patricios, Ornico has offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Nigeria with further African expansion underway.

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