SA’s Indispensible Social Media Landscape 2018


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about South African brands on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram.

The South African Social Media Landscape Report 2018 contains everything brands need to know to successfully navigate social. Marketers, brand owners, public relations professionals, entrepreneurs, agency owners, strategists, Chief Marketing Officers and social media professionals will value this report.

Inside the SA Social Media Landscape Report 2018

The 2018 Social Brand Survey

Insights from Arthur Goldstuck

SA’s Top Performing Social Brands

The SA Social Brand Survey

SA Brands – Social Media Statistics


• Mobile Social • A Secret Guide To Influencer Marketing • The Next Big Wave – Mobile & Video • The Hidden World of SA’s Youth & Their Video Habits • Ogilvy’s Melissa Attree on Content • The Psychology Behind Branded Content • The A-Z of Twitter •  SuperSport – SA’s Social Media Champions  • Celebrity Influencers & Brand Damage  •  Customer Service Goes Social.

Insights from Google’s Luke Mckend, Facebook’s Weera Saad, Crayg Hitzeroth of Ad Dynamo, Marius Greeff from Turn Left Media, Candice Goodman of Mobitainment, Bradley Elliott of Continuon, and more.

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