Advertising Monitoring


“If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic.” – William (Bill) Bernbach, founder of DDB.

Advertising Monitoring – Ornico monitors and digitally records all new adverts created in South Africa, which are then added to the company’s unrivaled local database of commercials. The media monitoring and intelligence company has the biggest ad library in southern Africa.

Ornico not only is able to give insight into your competitor’s creative execution, but can give you media schedules that will show which mediums other brands are investing in. With a good view of your competitor, and/or industry sector’s media investments and new adverts you can understand your competitor positioning and market intentions to reverse engineer your opposition’s advertising strategies more accurately.


Want to be the first to know when your competitor launches a new campaign or fresh series of adverts? Sign up for Ornico Newcomers™ and you can monitor breaking ad campaigns according to brand name or industry category.

Newcomers™ keeps you posted on your competitor’s creative and media strategies, so you can rise above the noise and differentiate your brand voice.

Ad Library

Ornico is the only company in South Africa that has a comprehensive database of commercials that dates as far back as the late seventies. We track the launch of new advertising campaigns, monitor media spend and audit broadcasters to ensure commercial errors are picked up and resolved.

Ornico has the very first television ad that was ever aired on South African in 1978. Ornico’s ad library for radio dates back to 1998, while our outdoor library has billboards from 2002 onward.  Ornico also monitors online advertising and has recently also added direct-marketing and mobile advertising, incl. please-call-me’s, MXIT and WAP sites.

By using the archive you can review competitor creative, advertising campaigns and brand positioning to evaluate your brand’s messaging and performance.

Ad Verification

Research shows advertising placement error rates on TV are between 5% and 15% on average. Error rates for radio are even higher. An error can be a commercial that is not flighted, or a commercial that is flighted during an incorrect time frame, during an incorrect programme, or that is incorrectly flighted adjacent to competitor advertising.

To safeguard your ad investments by using Ornico’s ad verification service, called SpotCheque™ to verify ad placements. Ornico ensures that your commercials are flighted exactly according to media schedule. If a commercial is not flighted according your media schedule this is rapidly picked up by SpotCheque and you are alerted within 24 hours.

By quickly rectifying errors you can ensure the reach or frequency of campaigns remain unaffected. Error information is offered on the spot while campaigns are running so corrective action can be taken immediately by your media agency.