Brand Intelligence


“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity,” – Philip Kotler

Building brands is a challenging business, but one through which you can grow business value. To insure you build your brand, you need to make sound strategic decisions, but to do that you need to be in the know.

Brand Intelligence ™

Ornico helps take the guesswork out of brand building with Brand Intelligence ™ – an analytical solution that enables you to have deep insight into your, your competitor, and your market sector’s reputation and branding strategies.

Brand Intelligence™ offers a fiercely independent view of your competitor’s marketing activities that includes the market drivers that affect the brands under review; and comprehensive creative review; a gap analysis to look at opportunities for brand growth; together with a full review of own, competitor and sector media spend.

Ornico’s independent analysis offers the insight to help you maximise your investments in brand building for smarter and more reliable returns.