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Bridges that connect us: A group art exhibition at Ornico City

Johannesburg (/dʒoʊˈhænᵻsbɜːrɡ/; Afrikaans: [joˈɦɐnəsbœrχ]; eGoli; Jozi; Joburg. Our city. Our home. As Ornico celebrates the firm’s relocation to the heart of Jozi, we would like to extend a warm welcome to clients, the media, business, all stakeholders and art lovers to join us at this prestigious gathering.

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#TheFutureByDesign: The rise of queer culture

The future will not be binary. Dean Hutton on the rise and rise of queer culture.
“The primary reason that I made TRANSITIONS is because essentially in media we tend to constantly make work about others, and this can be a process of othering them.”

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#TheFutureByDesign: Pop goes your culture

Pop culture, says Blignaut, “is us”. “It’s capitalism emerging from struggle.” Pop culture is a mirror into everything that is here, and happening, and now.

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