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Five ways to use social media for career growth

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks have transformed how the way we connect with family, friends and prospective employers. Access to information for both business and individuals is much easier to find than ever before, which enables recruiters to conduct background checks potential candidates.

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Growing small business is key to Africa’s Economic Growth – #OpenAfricaMag

According to Yogavelli Nambiar, who leads the Enterprise Development Academy at Gordon Institute of Business Science, with about 80% of startups in South Africa failing within the first 2 years, the answer lies in bridging the gap between businesses that fail and those that succeed.

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Africa’s growth story tends to be too simplified – insights by Brooks Mparutsa, Hollard International CEO

Africa is not a country or a single entity, but a diverse, complex continent that is comprised of a myriad of markets, each with its own challenges and opportunities – says Hollard international CEO, Brooks Mparutsa.

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#TheFutureByDesign: The Future of Public Relations

Public relations is heading into a crisis, and it’s not the economy — it’s the sorry state of tertiary institutions, churning out PR ‘graduates’ who are ill-equipped for the industry. Rachel Irvine, MD of Irvine Bartlett, weighs in on the state of PR and what causes changes in the industry.

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