BizCommunity – 23 May 2013


In this information age, where consumers are bombarded with endless content, brands will only remain relevant if they continuously evolve their identities to suit the consumer’s changing needs. On May 30, 2013, Ornico CEO Oresti Patricios, will share some insights on the trends that have defined the consumer landscape in both local and global markets. The talk will be hosted at Odd Café in Greenside, Johannesburg from 18h00.

Whereas most brands and research firms focus on trends forecasting and analyses at the end of the year or beginning of the year, Patricios subscribes to a completely different notion. Given the ever-changing consumer and marketing landscapes, trends should be an ongoing conversation. Patricios says of brands, that “great brands come from great decisions, and great decisions come from informed opinion. And one cannot stress enough the crucial role that research plays in informing opinions for the brands that are serious about growing.” Trends analysis is one such research that will help brands keep their eye on the ball.

According to Patricios, consumers in the information age owe their dynamism to micro and macro-economic forces that have a profound effect on their daily lives. At the moment, the global consumer landscape is shaped by the recession hangover and the meteoric rise of the emerging markets. Consumers in developed economies have streamlined their lives to simpler, and more utilitarian lives, in case of another global financial crisis. On the other hand, the growing middle class in emerging markets are shaping supply and demand patterns as a result of their growing purchasing power. Therefore, for brands, managing this see-saw of consumer identities can be a precarious, balancing act.

Using current global examples, from different markets, Patricios’ talk will feature innovations in the retail sector. From Asia’s virtual shopping spots to Brazil’s Radio Frequency controlled retail experience, Patricios will break down how some markets are taking technological innovations and applying them to facilitate everyday life. For brands and creatives, the lesson from Patricios is on how to spot the gaps which when filled, will enrich consumers’ day-to-day lives and forever entrench your brand in their universes. In the information age, that is the stuff of legends!

Interesting to note will also be Patricios’ take on Greece’s response to the austerity measures in the wake of their financial crisis. An entrepreneur himself, he breaks down the role of rising small business enterprises in securing the financial well-being of families, communities and the positive effect these will have in the country’s ailing economy.

From Patricios’ first trends talk, which was held on April 4th, 2013, The Red Zone noted that, “brands must mirror the society they live in and become more human”. The article, The Age of Innovation When Coders Become King goes on to say of Patricios’ talk, that it “had so many fantastic insights that [they] simply can’t fit them all into a single article.”

Brands, innovators and creators need not be terrified of the new age consumer. Continued substantial research and analysis is one way of ensuring awareness of changes, and empowering decision makers to make great decisions. Trends analyses should not be restricted to year-end periods, but should be an ongoing culture to ensure that brands stay relevant to the consumer’s needs.

To attend Oresti’s Trends Talk 2.0, visit the Ornico website event page here, or book through Ornico via email:, or telephone: 011 884 5041 or Twitter: @OrnicoMedia. Bookings can also be made through Odd Café via, or telephone: 011 486 3631 or Twitter: @oDDCafe.