AMEC’s Measurement Week Comes to Africa

AMEC’s Measurement Week (15 -19 September 2014) is an initiative aimed at educating PR and communications practitioners on measurement best practice, with a focus on AMEC’s Barcelona principles – which are gaining massive international traction – explains Francois van Dyk. As AMEC’s first African partner, Ornico will host breakfast events in Johannesburg and Nairobi during Measurement Week, as well as various webinars and social media campaigns which will provide professionals with the opportunity to engage.

Van Dyk explains that many individuals are still unaware of the Barcelona Principles of Measurement, or lack the know-how to practically implement the principles. The initiative is therefore aimed at providing the tools to assist these individuals in implementing the principles within their organisations. Van Dyk will host the events in Africa, and his colleagues from Ornico will host the events in South Africa. Various content from AMEC and its representatives will be shared over the course of Measurement Week.
Follow @OrnicoMedia and #amecatwork to keep track of what is happening in Measurement Week. The breakfast events will take place in both Johannesburg and Nairobi on 16 September 2014.

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