In the 1980s when Ornico was grappling with building itself up in the marketplace, it faced many challenges in the world of advertising monitoring. From a young team that started out by renting and eventually purchasing an editing suite at JWT to a globally recognised African leader in providing reputation, media and Brand Intelligence™, the last 30 years have indeed been an amazing journey.

This journey would have not been possible without the support of some fantastic partners, friends, colleagues, employees and naturally clients – past, current and future. Particularly those clients and friends that have pushed the Ornico family to expand our boundaries and service offerings, those who have forced us to innovate, change and grow.

Ornico is indebted to so many and as we look back over the years and chart our future, we would like to honour all of you, our heroes, who ensured we stay outside our comfort zone and have challenged us to dream bigger. We trust you will continue to keep the pressure on over the next 30 years!

Naturally many contacts, experiences and stories got lost in the near endless mounds of paper, particularly in the early days before the advent of social media and digital cameras. So we are embarking on a journey to seek and find those #Ornicans we may have lost touch with through the years – and what better way than social media as everyone is on there – even the +45 age group is now seen to be the fastest growing Twitter, Facebook and Google+ demographic!

what's your memory of Ornico

Have you got some memories of Ornico?

Do you have an experience that you would like share?

Is there a picture that you have in your archives that has been waiting, begging to be shared? This should hopefully not be something too embarrassing with polka-dot pants or something worse, which we’ll still publish.

Share these stories with us and the world on Twitter, Facebook or this Ornico 30th platform that we built. On social media, please use the hashtag #Ornicans which will also appear on the Ornico website. This will help us to share some past experience from 1984 to an hour ago. As these recollections come in with the #Ornicans hashtag, we will share them on the web, where in the end it will all culminate into a digital history that we would have all contributed to.

It’s easy, all you need to do is:

We will pick up all the mentions, quotes and pictures to share on our website as part of the search for all existing and somewhat lost #Ornicans. These posts will help us write the history of OrnicoGroup through the stories of both tirelessly hardworking staff and the heroes that have welcomed us into their worlds.

Thank you for keeping us excited over the years and ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve.