The launch episode of BrandLand features some of the most hard-hitting thought leaders in South Africa and African business.

The guests include:

Oresti Patricios - happy

Oresti Patricios, the CEO of Ornico who talks about his piece in #TheFutureByDesign which looks at megatrends. He shares insights into what mega trends are and how they transform the state of brands and business.

Patricios also talk to his Ad Of The Week which will be a regular feature on BrandLand.

Arthur GoldstuckArthur Goldstuck (@art2gee), joins us to speak about how technology will influence the future of brands. Goldstuck is the managing director of World Wide Worx and the editor in chief of Gadget, the online magazine of personal technology that he founded. In the Ornico podcast, Goldstuck says the future of branding will be ruled by personal mobile devices, largely because of the massive migration in Africa from basic phones to smartphones, which he says have become more affordable and accessible.

Kali Ilunga

Kali Ilunga (@kaliilunga), the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SeeSayDo, speaks to us about the role of mobile in brand messaging and driving consumer action. Kali talks the difference between people watching a TV advertisement and them utilising a platform that has a strong call-to-action. He believes that part of the future of advertising is in interacting more with the audience.


Lebo MotsegoaThe show is rounded off by Lebo Motshegoa (@LeboMotshegoa), the founder and CEO of mass market research and strategy company, Foshizi, talking about field research and how context is king when doing consumer surveys. Foshizi is turning the consumer research sector on its head by talking brands where most of them won’t tread, where the buying consumer engages with products and they provide insights on these brand engagements.


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