Brand intelligence company Ornico delivers its fourth podcast made for marketers which looks at the Instagram phenomenon, and how this can be used by marketers.

Sandton, South Africa. Tuesday 25 April 2016 – Instagram has grown phenomenally in the past year — faster than Twitter in some countries. How can brands tap into this popular social media channel?


In the fourth episode of BrandLand, the monthly media and marketing podcast published by Ornico, Mongezi Mtati speaks to Gareth Pon, Africa’s top instagrammer for two years running, and Lebz Skywalker, fashion photographer.

gareth pon
Gareth Pon
Lebz Skyalker
Lebz Skywalker

Pon has been invited to travel the world, as he pursues his passion of photography. He can be found on Instagram at @garethpon, where his street photography,
portraits and other video and photographic creations can be seen. At last count, he had over 261,000 followers.

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Mtati says: “Gareth Pon gives us a great insight into how Instagram works, and just how effective it can be.”

“Because Instagram is so visual, it has redefined how people consume information on other social media platforms. So you’ll find a lot of brands’ Facebook and Twitter content has become a lot more visual. It’s less about the general link-and-tweet. The thinking does need to change: even though you’ve got an existing culture, on the brand, you need to take Instagram and think more strategically in the sense of how you create a visual narrative that tells more about the culture of what your brand is.”

In the podcast Lebz Skywalker speaks about integrity and honesty on the platform. “I feel that Instagram is different to other platforms in that it combines a bit of documentation with creativity, but in a realistic way. People take it personally — it’s not like Facebook and Twitter where you can detach yourself. It’s people documenting their lives on a daily basis, so you need that honest approach. A person can get 100 likes on Facebook easily, while on Instagram you get two. Because people expect quality,” says the young entrepreneur.

Skywalker started off shooting with an iPhone, and his eye for composition, and a knack for capturing the moment, gave him his first breaks in fashion photography for smaller brands. Now he uses DSLR cameras and is called upon by brands like Edgars to add his magic to their fashion brands.

In the discussion, the three unpack brands like Nike to see how they are using the platform to promote the brand and interact with its customers.

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