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Video: The SA Social Media Landscape Report 2017 unpacked

Ornico CEO, Oresti Patricios shared some key findings from the SA Social Media Landscape Report 2017 with Jeremy Maggs on the Financial Mail Redzone. Some of the findings include the increase in advertising budget that both digital agencies and brands intend to invest towards Facebook. It is surprising for Patricios for that other leading platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn lag behind in terms of advertising spend that brands want to put into campaigns.

Please watch the below video, share and let us know what you think:

Report Outline

  • Introduction by Oresti Patricios, CEO, Ornico
  • Introduction by Arthur Goldstuck, MD, World Wide Worx
  • Headline insights
  • Key insights from 2016
  • Agency Thought Leadership articles, including trends, analysis and 2017 forecasts
  • Social Media Usage by brands
  • Analysis of corporate South African Brands based on a custom and targeted survey
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Top Social Content by brads in South Africa
  • Top Facebook posts of social brands
  • Most Popular Twitter Content
  • Most Popular YouTube Content
  • Social Media and Mobile
  • Top apps
  • Top SA pages by fans and following
  • Top SA Pages by fans
  • LinkedIn

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