South Africa, 5 February 2019Radio advertising event data in South Africa is set to be revolutionised by new data from Brand IntelligenceTM firm, Ornico, now being made available through software provider, Telmar.

Ornico and Telmar Revolutionise Radio Advertising Event Data

Telmar, long a staple of the advertising media planning landscape, will introduce additional software for radio post campaign data. The Ornico audited data will be available in this new online software.

The radio event data, based on broadcast schedules, will now be supplemented by the Ornico data which is human verified, making the data much more accurate. The platform will also allow users to select custom packaged categories based on various industries and sub-categories within those industries for further insights and intelligence.

Media planners, buyers, advertising agencies and brands will be able to search for radio advertisements in a much more granular fashion.

A great new addition is that the creative of the radio event is now also available and both creative and data can be easily exported for further analysis.

Commenting on this development and what it means, Ornico CEO, Oresti Patricios says “we are excited about making this data available for two reasons. Firstly, because agencies will be able to see the creatives and allow them to compare between categories accurately. Secondly, it will allow us to also include TV and print in the near future”.

“We, at Telmar, are delighted to have a new database to provide to our many clients” said Jennifer Daniel, Telmar’s Managing Director for Africa/Asia – Pacific.  “Providing all our subscribers the opportunity to access an additional layer of intelligence – insights to not only advertising investment and station usage but the added ability to hear and see what the market has been exposed to. Telmar loads over 10,000 databases in 85 countries and will continue to seek innovative opportunities to enhance our clients’ experience and knowledge.”

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