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Advertising in the competitive telecommunications, broadband and connectivity landscape

The telecommunications and broadband sectors are among the most competitive industries in SA – not to mention critical for economic growth and improvements in society. On 31 May 2019, Brand IntelligenceTM firm, Ornico and Financial Mail will host the next AdForum event, where a panel of advertising industry experts will analyse recently flighted print, television and radio advertising in the sector, including a look into the trends taking place around connectivity in SA, advertising spend and market engagement.

Telecommunications and Broadband Advertising
Telecommunications and Broadband Advertising

There has been much movement in the mobile telecommunication industry, together with massive changes in the past year brought about by data-only network operator Rain increasing its market share. Rain announced earlier in the year that it would be the first company in SA to launch a commercial 5G network. This comes about through a partnership between Rain and Huawei – which is said to be a first on the African continent and one of the first in the world.

The high cost of data in SA is an ongoing debate and data cost discussions have pointed to MTN and Vodacom charging higher data prices in SA than they do in other parts of the continent. This may be changing in the future. Pricing strategies are certainly reflected not only in mobile network operators’ advertising, but among broadband providers as well.

Data in South Africa costs more than in most African countries at $7.19 per gigabyte (GB).

A visualisation map by reveals that data in South Africa costs more than in most African countries at $7.19 per gigabyte (GB). This places the country in position 143 out of a total of 230 countries ranked in the report. When compared to countries such as Sudan, where it costs customers $0.68 per GB, and the Democratic Republic of Congo’s $0.88 per GB, South Africans certainly pay more. That said, Zimbabwe has, by far, the highest data costs in Africa and the world at $75.20, according to the report.


The Price of Mobile Internet in Africa Map | Source:
The Price of Mobile Internet in Africa Map | Source:

GSMA entitled “The Mobile Economy: Africa 2016” predicts that GDP contribution, as a result of mobile technologies, will increase from 6.7% in 2015 to 7.6% of GDP in 2020. This amounts to an estimated $210bn as African countries see benefits from improved productivity and changes in the nature of work.

For more information on the AdForum event, which takes place at the Houghton Golf Club on 31 May, or to book your ticket, contact Jade Fleishman on (011) 280-3402 or

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