Ornico, the Brand Intelligence® firm, has increased its African footprint by establishing new partnerships on the continent with the addition of media intelligence services from Cameroon, Gabon, Rwanda, Congo Brazzaville and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Previously focusing on predominantly English-speaking markets in Africa, these additional countries will now add several French-speaking markets, allowing brands to gain even more insights from media sources across the continent.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Measuring your strategies and tactics and adapting where required is critical, particularly in Africa.” ~ Oresti Patricios, CEO of OrnicoGroup[/perfectpullquote]

Combining smart technologies with human analytical insight, Ornico now enables advertisers and marketers to take a standardised approach to media and Brand Intelligence® across the continent. This will enable brands to harmonise and better understand African media consumer habits, practices and brand performance across eighteen major markets which will in-turn lead to better advertising and marketing investments.

Ornico's Media and Brand Intelligence footprint across Africa
Ornico’s Media and Brand Intelligence footprint across Africa

Oresti Patricios, CEO of OrnicoGroup, believes it is critical to measure and evaluate brand performance across a wide range of disciplines. “The proliferation of media has created an avalanche of noise – advertising, social media posts, news commentary, entertainment etc. Consumers do not just see your brand but also your competitors and many other issues also vie for their attention. Measuring your strategies and tactics and adapting where required is critical, particularly in the African space.”

With the recent Russia-Africa Summit held in October and the Bank of America reporting that Africa will become the land of opportunity for investors should the US and China trade war ease, it is clear that there is great interest across the globe to tap into the massive opportunities that Africa presents.

The need for insights and intelligence gained from media channels on the continent is hence becoming critical for brands wanting to monitor developments and opportunities.




Ornico provides reputation, media, advertising and brand research with a suite of products that includes Brand Intelligence® across the African continent. It does this to help marketers and brand owners make sense of the flood of information that occupies traditional and social media.

By collecting and analysing media data across many channels, Ornico informs brand owners and marketing decision makers about the most important strategic decisions they’ll ever make regarding their brands.

From editorial and advertising monitoring services, social media analytics to advanced brand research, Ornico provides a holistic and independent view of brand performance as reflected by television, radio, print media as well as social and digital media.

Mongezi Mtati, Marketing Manager at OrnicoGroup
Landline: +27 11 884 5041
Email: mongezim@ornicogroup.co.za

Oresti Patricios, CEO at OrnicoGroup
Mobile: +27 83 326 2250
Landline: +2711 884 5041
Email: oresti@ornicogroup.co.za

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