launched their new advertising campaign with a message that suggests; “Underage drinking starts long before it begins. You can stop it.” It raises awareness and highlights the dangers of underage drinking. Alcohol consumption, including underage drinking, are usually at their highest during the festive season and has plans to make a positive change. The season to be jolly is also the time when some teenagers want to experiment with alcohol.

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In the ad, a teen named Sarah is part of #MyFirstDrinkingStory, where she goes to a club with friends on a night out. Her friend tells her to be cool as they queue to get into the club before security at the door asks them to show their identity documents. They proceed to enter the establishment and binge drinking ensues.

Research by the Southern Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) found that 25% of young people binge-drink and 12% of young people under the age of 13 said they had drunk alcohol in the past month. In an attempt to curb underage drinking, South African government announced it is considering raising the legal age to consume alcohol from 18 to 21. A law that has not yet been amended.

Teenagers are easily tempted to experiment with alcohol and to party all night. According to, it can easily become a recurrent trend – a slippery slope for potential alcohol dependency.

Agency and team credits

Ad title: – Underage Drinking Campaign

Country: South Africa


Agency: Riverbed

Executive Creative Director:  Bridget Johnson

Creative Director:  Mpumi Tshabangu Ngwenya

Copywriter: Mpumi Tshabangu Ngwenya

Art Director:  Mpumi Tshabangu Ngwenya

Production Company:  03:07

Post Production: Deliverance

Recording Studio: Sterling Sound

Executive Producer: Jo Barber

Music and Sound Design:  Nic van Heerden of Field Music Agency

Media house: Mindshare

Producer: Santa Asbury

Director: Kim Geldenhuis

Director of Photography: Adam Bentel

Editor: Gordon Midgeley

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