Ornico CEO, Oresti Patricios shared social media and advertising insights and trends on The DOC & The GURU podcast, talking to some leading themes from the past few months.

In the conversation, Oresti and the hosts also talk about the 2020 SA Social Media Landscape with highlights around social media growth in South Africa. One of the highlights is the growth of small business on LinkedIn as a category, which shows where the potential to increase employment is. TikTok has also seen unprecedented growth and popularity among South African social media users.

Show hosts, Gordon Muller and Dr. Doug Mattheus ask about some patterns and creative themes that have stood out in advertising in recent times, which Ornico may have noted. In response, Oresti Patricios points to the increase in social media usage by brands to tell their stories and the increase in advertising outside of traditional platforms. This also enables creative teams to think differently and approach brand messaging in unique ways.

Listen to The DOC & The GURU podcast episode below: