Ornico recently hosted a communication measurement webinar featuring the Barcelona Principles 3.0, which enable the effective measurement of brand and communication and PR efforts. This latest iteration of the Barcelona Principles focus on inclusion, impact and integrity, with AVEs said to not be the value of communication.

Presented by Ornico’s head of operations and AMEC Board member, Francois van Dyk, the webinar shares the latest globally recognised communication measurement best practices. The video is now live on YouTube for brands, communication and PR professionals, as well as their agencies to begin their journey towards effective measurement. It includes some free tools and insights on how to integrate measurement principles into your brand communication.

The webinar clarifies the following pillars of the Barcelona Principles 3.0:

  1. Setting goals is an absolute prerequisite to communications planning, measurement, and evaluation.
  2. Measurement and evaluation should identify outputs, outcomes, and potential impact.
  3. Outcomes and impact should be identified for stakeholders, society, and the organization.
  4. Communication measurement and evaluation should include both qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  5. AVEs are not the value of communication.
  6. Holistic communication measurement and evaluation includes all relevant online and offline channels.
  7. Communication measurement and evaluation are rooted in integrity and transparency to drive learning and insights.

Watch the video below:

Have a look at the following free tools for your own brand communication initiatives:

  1. AMEC – Integrated Evaluation Framework
  2. Measurement Maturity Mapper

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