An online media hub for PR, marketing and advertising practitioners ranked Ornico among the top recommended media monitoring services for PR teams globally.

Ornico ranked among world leaders in media monitoring
Ornico ranked among world leaders in media monitoring

Looking at some of the leading media intelligence providers from across the globe, ContentGrip highlights some of the top ones and their areas of specialisation. Media monitoring assists brands and their PR and marketing teams, as well as agencies to stay abreast of their latest media coverage. With Ornico’s cutting-edge technology along with human-verified analysis, brands get access to the media coverage and analysis that matters to them.

Ornico is leading the charge in Africa as media evolves, to more digital platforms, in developing technologies and empowering its team in these ever-changing times. The Brand Intelligence® firm also actively participates in the world’s media intelligence, media monitoring and communication measurement organisations to remain on the cutting-edge of industry best practices.

ContentGrip further highlights that media monitoring services allow marketers and PR teams to track what the media (print, broadcast, and online) is saying about a brand, its competitors, and the industry at large. To read the article on ContentGrip, click here.

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