Brand Intelligence® firm, Ornico tracked and analysed FMCG advertising in February 2021 to identify media habits and trends. This will form part of a broader annual trends discussion about the FMCG industry in a virtual event that takes place on 28 April 2021. Research shows that the most popular day of the week for new executions is Sunday across the top FMCG brands.

February 2021 findings reveal that of the 98 brands that were tracked and analysed, 31% of new executions were in the beauty care category. Top advertising spenders include brands such as Handy Andy, Shield, Sunlight Washing Powder, Omo and many other market leaders.

In the virtual event, Ornico will lead a discussion around some of the top trends and changes in retail and FMCG with brand leaders. Marketing and brand specialists from within FMCG and retail will join this conversation to share some of their thinking and changes as a result of changes in media consumption.

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Take a look at the infographic with initial findings.

FMCG and Retail Advertising Spend Infographic for 2021
FMCG and Retail Advertising Spend Infographic for 2021

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