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Social media has changed over the past year for marketers and users. A great migration towards new technologies and systems triggered by the lockdowns, increasing new players, or violation of privacy has been identified and will be the theme for this year’s report. Within this challenging time that we are facing in South Africa and the world, how can business leaders shield their brands from current challenges and take advantage of future opportunities?

SA Social Media Landscape Report 2021

Ornico, in collaboration with World Wide Worx, launched this much anticipated SA Social Media Landscape Report event live on YouTube on Wednesday, 30 June 2021. The aim of this 90-minute virtual panel discussion was to inform the leading thinkers and pioneers of marketing, media, public relations and advertising about the behaviours of South African social media users and provide a detailed analysis of the data to acquire valuable insights for the future.

The report includes findings from our partner Ask Afrika, whose survey unveils the way South Africans utilises social media and their valuable demographics. YouKnow, a South African intelligence technology company, provides interesting social media data research through the Brandwatch platform and in-depth survey insights by RivalIQ.

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