Unlocking Education Through Curiosity

It is the beginning of yet another year, and like everyone else we strive to make it a successful one. Our secret weapon? Cultivating our culture of curiosity. As we have mentioned in the past years, we as Ornicans strive to conquer the unknown and give our clients an exceptional user experience and be their key to Brand Intelligence®. We have risen to the occasion year after year because of our belief and continuous contribution towards education.

Last week we observed the International Day of Education and we reflected on how education is one of the threads with which our social fabric of curiosity is woven. By opting to have “Training” as one of our core values, we have created strategic relationships with clients as well as our employees. Through our daily, weekly, monthly and annual training sessions – internal and external- we have cultivated open and candid interactions allowing us to challenge ideas and innovate beyond our wildest dreams.

It is through the web of education that Media Monitoring has evolved to what it is today. Long gone are the days where we had analysts scouring print media and literally cutting and pasting it into a clipbook. Today our industry is flooded with state of the art software allowing you to view your brand mentions at a click of a button. This was achieved through interdisciplinary collaboration. That is why Ornico facilitates training ranging from; client requirement training and evaluation, tools, systems and processes through to broader industry training including public relations, social media, marketing, advertising, industry developments and much more.​

​Every day for us is an opportunity to observe education as a virtue and as a value. We celebrate the Ornicans who have paved the way to upskilling and mentoring others, and those who continue to grasp the opportunities given to them to grow. We acknowledge the Ornicans who have dedicated their time to sharing their knowledge to build our industry as a whole.

We, the curious, love questions, but we love the struggle for answers more. We want to know what happens when people interact with media, brands and each other. Why are we curious? In a world where information is commonplace, curiosity unlocks uncommon wisdom. These insights reward curiosity with growth. At Ornico we call this the know-how to grow and the dawn of Brand Intelligence®. It is all made possible through education and training.