Refine Your AdSpend Strategy to Maximise ROAS

You must have heard about FNB, Castle, Sunlight and Vodacom. I am sure you have also come across the popular tweets that describe how the names of some products have inherently been exchanged for a popular brands name. All toothpaste is called Colgate, or all Aqueous cremes referred to as Dawn. The most successful consumer goods brands have been built by heavy marketing and advertising investments from years back. 

Even so, it is evident to many marketers that, in recent years, the connection between market share and advertising spend is slowly diminishing. Advertising budgets are being profusely reduced to support price and sales promotions in the pursuit of boosting quarterly earnings. Yes, there has been a massive increase in new entrants in the market, and the need to generate revenue to support business growth through volumes, but in the process, brands stand to lose the competitive battle.  

Some marketers have not lost sight of this, and still remember that market share is driven by brand value and the consumers’ preference for the brand. They understand that, in order to build their brands and gain market share, there needs to be a balance between advertising and promotion expenditure. Price promotion on its own only buys shelf position.  

Ornico’s MediaTrac Report provides brands with a Competitor Advertising Spend Analysis to help marketers determine when and where they are spending and compare their brand’s share of voice, versus that of competitors. This report enables them to monitor spikes in competitor activity and identify gaps and opportunities in marketing.

                                                                   Top 10 brands by adspend 

This graph depicts advertising spend of top 10 brands in the years 2020 and 2021.

What we measure 

Ornico measures more than half of South Africa’s newly flighted and recurring ads across print and online advertising. 

We provide advertisers, agencies, and media owners with a picture of the competitive landscape in South Africa by measuring total adspend by industry, individual advertisers, this data is further broken down by medium, month, and the number of ads. 

Advertisers and agencies use our advertising tracking and analysis tool to gain actionable insights into adspend and placement to inform the strategic media planning process.  

Broadcasters and publishers can get a clear gauge of the station and, title performance, agency and advertiser deals and industry movements.

All in all, Ornico does more than monitoring, we provide you with a
marketing metric that measures the efficacy of your advertising

Through our Advertising spend analysis, we help businesses
evaluate which marketing channels and mediums yield better returns.

How we do it 

Our people, as well as our state of the art technology, use a spot monitoring methodology to measure advertising expenditure estimates across traditional and non-traditional mediums. We also collect the ad creatives we have measured and index them using our world-class taxonomy. All the ad creative is added to a database that advertisers, agencies, and media owners can access upon request, and ours is by far the most extensive in South Africa. 

Ornico is The All in One Brand Intelligence® solution built for marketing professionals first. Take control of all your brand needs with creative monitoring, media monitoring, ad spend measurement, creative evaluation analysis, reputation management, crisis and risk management and competition analysis – all in one place. Hello, Brand Intelligence®. Book a demo today