The AI-powered platform that is changing the way marketing professionals make decisions

Ornico’s media analysis and Brand Intelligence® platform combines the most extensive creative and media data set with an intuitive, seamless user experience to give you everything you need to make informed and confident decisions.

Unlock creative and media understanding with Ornico Pythia
  • Clear the data noise; Ornico monitors what matters to you by covering your select keywords, by doing this we give you personalised searches for better crisis and risk management as well as opportunity detection.
  • Ornico Pythia is your eye into your brand’s media and advertising performance; get a clearer view of your brand’s landscape, benchmark and index your strategy against that of your competitors.
  • Don’t miss any breaking news surrounding your brand or topics that are of value to you with our email alerts.
All your media and advertising insights in one place

Ornico Pythia uses AI technology and Python data scraping technologies to collect, store and distribute advertising and editorial data for brands, agencies and government stakeholders.

Ornico Pythia data set encompasses:

  • Over 200 000 sources across online (social and online publications), print, outdoor, radio, tv and broadcast news.
  • Subscribe to a specific industry, category, subcategory, or competitor tracking with Ornico’s industry-leading categorization
  • Coverage in South Africa and the rest of Africa.
An intuitive and responsive user experience

For marketing professionals who are tired of the data noise in the market, Ornico is a Brand Intelligence® company that helps turn the data into actionable insights. Ornico Pythia uses AI technology and Python data scraping technologies to create an intuitive and seamless user experience.

Once data has been archived using Ornico’s world-renowned categorisation taxonomy, Pythia users can filter and query their searches in real-time. Our interactive dashboards present data in various charts and graphs for quick analysis, with the option to download data in an excel format for client manipulation.

Rushing to a status meeting? Ornico is dedicated to serving clients timeously and delivering data to you at your convenience. Our email alerts ensure that clients are kept up-to-date with any media or advertising updates that may sway the organisation’s performance or reputation.

A media analysis and Brand Intelligence® platform that delivers

AI and Python guided search – Ornico infuses flexibility and intuitive control, to ensure you are getting data and insights that not only matter to you but equally show threats that may not be with your view. Our process to clients is effortless enough and yet intelligent to allow for keyword customisation without compromising data quality.

A completely customisable experience – You can select a time to receive alerts up to five times a day that will reflect an almost real-time delivery of all media data straight to your inbox.

Sentiment Analysis at your fingertips – Always be on top of your brand perception with our Sentiment Analysis. Ornico uses AI technology and human verification to identify the sentiment of your media coverage. Ornico Pythia delivers sentiment analysis right down to the actual mention to view what has been said.

Whatever your media analysis and Brand Intelligence® needs, Ornico is committed to developing a solution that aids your decision making across all areas of your brand management.

Ornico is The All in One Brand Intelligence® solution built for marketing professionals first. Take control of all your brand needs with creative monitoring, media monitoring, ad spend measurement, creative evaluation analysis, reputation management, crisis and risk management and competition analysis – all in one place. Hello, Brand Intelligence®. Book a demo today