Emotions: A Foolproof Marketing and Advertising Tool  

Take a look around you; It is almost guaranteed that you will be able to identify at least one item that evokes some sort of emotion in you. The correlation between an emotional connection, and the choices you make as a consumer, is quite significant. From buying yet another lipstick because the salesperson was nice to you, to switching washing powder brands because the ad reminds you of home, human beings are slaves to emotions whether we like it or not. Good advertising and marketing identify and takes advantage of this and make us willingly part with our hard-earned money. 

There is no denying that conventional marketing tactics work; while it predominantly focuses on brand attributes, features, and facts, emotional and affective advertising takes things to the next level. It shifts the focus from desire or trend-chasing to emotional appeal. To the consumer, a brand that takes this approach is perceived to be relevant, in tune with current events and willing to develop a more meaningful and deeper connection. Emotional marketing and affective advertising create more meaningful engagement, increase brand loyalty and demonstrate the brand’s ability to address the concerns of the human experience. Campaigns such as Nike’s “believe in something” and the Always “Like a girl” campaigns capture this well.  

Why emotional marketing and affective advertising work 
It causes an instant reaction 

A well-executed emotional campaign can instantly make a good first impression. First impressions do last and therefore a bad first impression is very difficult to erase from the mind of a consumer. Negative emotions and lacklustre first impressions can alienate potential customers. 

It inspires action 

Emotional marketing inspires more than just purchases, it drives consumers to become brand advocates who engage with the brand by sharing its content, recommending it to others, and sparking conversations around the brand. We have seen this countless times with consumers sharing and interacting with Nando’s creatives across social media.  

It helps customers with decision making 

When brands can create positive associative connections, they foster familiarity with the consumer, which makes them more likely to favour one brand over another.  Research has shown, that, even when provided with relevant information, consumers are more likely to follow their emotions when making purchases. In essence, emotional marketing trumps conventional marketing.  

Knowing how emotional marketing works can help brands determine how to create a marketing campaign that makes a connection with its customer on a deeper level. Tracking advertising creatives across TV, radio, print, online, social media, outdoor and direct marketing is something that Ornico does best and along with our partner, InSites Consulting, we utilise affective and cognitive testing to evaluate the efficacy of creative elements from any media. AD360© measures both the emotive and cognitive aspects of an advertisement, providing you with a holistic advertising campaign performance review.

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