Advertising Creative Evaluation (ACE)

An independent view of creative direction and tactics deployed by brands in a particular category. Using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, ACE provides insight into various brand positioning and perception elements, core messaging and many other elements.

Exisiting Clients

Keep an ACE up your sleeve

Competition Analysis

Have a complete view of how your competition is communicating within your industry.

Brand Positioning

Identify how your competitors are positioning their brands/products or new campaigns.

Target Audience

Measure the type of customers that are directly targeted by your competitors.

Business Development

Discover new untapped segments to capitalize and avoid over saturated messaging.

Complete Creative Breakdown

Receive a clinical breakdown of every important aspect of a new advertisement and identify key metrics such as brand positioning, message/topic/ target audience (LSM) and a lot more.

Our Ornico analysts, equipped with our 40 years of experience in advertising, will provide you with a complete creative competitive review within any industry.

Perceptual Mapping

This type of competitive analysis framework focuses on utilizing customer input to understand your brand, product, or service from the customer’s perspective. 

ACE provides insights for target market perception, new market segment identification, a saturation of messaging and measures brand positioning so that you can have a complete understanding of your industry’s competitive landscape.

Qualitative And Quantitative Insights

Whether you are looking at entering a new market or a new segment or want to gain a competitive advantage against your competition, Ornico’s ACE combines AI technology and human analysis to evaluate the various elements of the creative being used and extract those data for analysis.

Quantitative data such as brand positioning, messaging, LSM, ad origin and many others will be provided, as well as qualitative insights such as ad influence, effectiveness and ad appeal while benchmarking your brand against the competition.

We value Ornico's ACE product incredibly high. This type of service has helped us discover revenue generation avenues that were unknown to us.
Head of Marketing
South African multinational mobile telecommunications company

Competitive advantage has never been that easy

Brand & Marketing Managers/Directors  that want to optimize their creative campaign by analyzing and measuring in-depth their competition’s creative presence and brand positioning. 

Account managers and directors can optimize their advertising campaigns. They can also compliment their current  analysis and provide such insights for their clients.

Beat your competition and increase revenue by gaining the absolute competitive advantage.