AD360© is a holistic advertising campaign performance review. It measures a brand’s advertising spend and analyzes the effectiveness of the creative campaign by using state of the art testing techniques on real consumers.

Those insights can then be compared against the competition on a quarterly and yearly basis, in order to assess performance and save marketers time and money.

Exisiting Clients

Media Media Monitoring scale

Track media spend by brand, competitor and industry

Take advantage of Ornico’s MediaTrac solution for complete control of advertising spend in your industry.

Identify competitor creative positioning and strategy

Competitive advantage like no other. Creative positioning, messaging, target market and other invaluable insights.

Understand market response to your creative campaigns

Does the ad make people feel something? What do people think when they view the ad?

Ad performance against key AD testing metrics amongst consumers

Adjust your creative strategy for winning ads and identify those that are missing the mark.

Spend Analysis

AD360© allows you to adjust your media spend & strategy for winning ads and to identify ads that are missing the mark.

Embracing the advances of tech-enabled research, AD360© allows clients to benefit from the reduced price tag and expedited timelines.

With a choice between dashboards, insight- and strategic reporting.

Creative Monitoring & Affective Cognitive Testing 

Ornico tracks all advertising creatives across TV, radio, print, online, social media, outdoor and direct marketing and feeds that data to our partner InSites Consulting.

Consulting agile ad testing solution is used to evaluate the efficacy of creative elements from any media. AD360© measures both the emotive and cognitive aspects of an advertisement.

Complete AD breakdown to the second.

Affective Cognitive Testing (ACT) is InSites Consulting agile ad testing solution, used to evaluate the efficacy of creative elements from any media. ACT measures both the emotive and cognitive aspects of an advertisement. All scores are compared to scores from our extensive norms database.

360° Review of your creative campaign effectiveness

Monthly dashboards allow to you to track performance of your brand and competitor brands at an overall, campaign, and ad level (on all key ad tracking metrics).

Quarterly insights reports that integrate ad spend data with ad/ campaign/ brand performance.

A annual strategic report summarizes and provides an insightful review of the 6 month period.


Advertising monitoring impacts the whole team

Brand & Marketing Managers/Directors  that want to optimize their creative campaign by analyzing and measuring in-depth their competition’s creative presence and brand positioning. 

Account managers and directors can optimize, benchmark and change their advertising campaigns based on their true performance. They can also compliment their current analysis and provide deep insights for their clients.
"We managed to turn a very average performing advertising campaing to a winner by slightly changing some details that we would have never thought that they mattered or affected the performance of the campaign. Our adspend is quite considerable, thus this is quite important to us."
Chief Marketing Officer
South African Banking and Financial services company

Give your organization a competitive advantage with high-quality advertising monitoring.