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We use the best technologies and measurement standards to monitor and analyse advertising and paid media content across television, radio, print, online, social media, mobile, outdoor and even direct marketing. Our advertising archives goes back more than 30 years.

  • Monitor breaking adverts across multiple mediums
  • View the creative
  • Subscribe to specific industry categories
  • Research historical advertisements to better understand clients
  • Monitor competitor advertisements
  • Track adspend and strategies
  • identify marketing and advertising opportunities
  • Custom media analyses as per your needs
  • Verification and independent audits of your booked media campaigns

Our smart Artificial Intelligence systems and our smarter people make the difference. Our online platforms enables you to easily analyse your and competitor advertisements and paid media. If you require deeper insights our analysts are glad to help.

Our AD360 partnership not only provides various media and spend attributes on advertisements but also tracks audience likeability, not only for your brand adverts but also competitors. So you can adjust campaigns quickly – saving you money and improving marketing effectiveness!

Find out more about custom insights to help your brand grow!

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