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ImpacTrac is developed for marketing professionals who need detailed insights on their brand’s media presence and activity, rather than just top-line statistics and measurement. All related content is analyzed and much deeper data is collected by our AI and developed by our Ornico analysts.

ImpacTrac helps clients better understand how their representatives are featured in the media, which reputational elements are affecting their brand, the core messages or topics that feature in the media.

Exisiting Clients

Everything a Media Analysis should be.

Invaluable Insights

Benchmark your performance and analyze sentiment, trends, media coverage and others with quantitative and qualitative insights from our Ornico analysts.

ROI Optimization
& Trend Analysis

Measure the effectiveness of new PR strategies and identify trends and conversations to capitalize. Identify the right spokespeople that can become brand ambassadors.

Reputation Management

Effectively manage your brands’ reputation and protect it from unwanted attention. Identify bad reviews, coverage and craft your strategy accordingly.

Competitor Review

Be on top of your competition by tracking their media coverage, the market share of voice and use Ornico’s insights to your advantage.

Competition Analysis

Benchmark your brand’s media presence against your competition. Across traditional media (print, broadcast, online), you can actually measure your place within the market via our share of voice features.

Take a look at how your coverage is compared to your competition in each media, sentiment and other metrics.

Take advantage of your competitions lack of insights and craft your communication & PR strategy for maximum marketing ROI.

Reputation Management

Ornico’s ImpacTrac analysis provides you with the ultimate tool for reputation management. Your brand is scored against our carefully selected reputational drivers, giving you an accurate and in-depth representation of your media reputation.

Manage and be informed of key topics, customer complaints, negative sentiment and effectively tackle any unwanted reputational threats. Our human-verified sentiment ensures data validity and relevance for extremely accurate results.

Daily Trends & Crisis Management

Never be left out of the conversation. Being able to recognize trends and capitalize them for your brands is something that Impactrac can provide to marketing professionals like you.

Ornico’s ImpacTrac helps you inform better decision making around your short and long term communication strategy by identifying areas with your organisation that are doing well and those that are not.

Crisis Detection and Management is extremely important to brands. It takes years to build your reputation but minutes to destroy it. Make sure that never happens with ImpacTrac.

"The structure, analysis, and details of all the Ornico analysis reports are fantastic and impressive. They are so great, our department is using them for some of the briefing reports that are fed into the Office of the Presidency."
Head of Communications
Large Government Entity in South Africa

Take your media presence to the next level

Make sense of a sea full of endless flow of data and gather invaluable insights for your brand