Media Monitoring

Stay on top of threats to your brand’s reputation with Ornico’s complete media monitoring offering.

Keep ahead of the current trends and news, benchmark current and past performance, identify crisis sparks before they become wildfires.

Keep track of and monitor your industry and competition and receive data and alerts that are relevant only to you and your brand.

We monitor the most comprehensive list of South African and African media across all channels using our state of the art AI technology in combination with our even smarter editors who filter the noise and deliver only what is important for your PR and marketing efforts.

Media monitoring at scale

Media & Social Listening

Monitor news and discussions and other earned media across print, television, radio, online and social media. Analyse media coverage and emerging issues.

Reputation management

Keep track of brand and organizational reputation and sentiment. Measure and evaluate your public relations or communication strategy. Monitor and benchmark competitor media coverage.

Crisis, Trends & Competition Tracking

Monitor political, economic, social, legislative, and other factors which may affect your brand. Be on top of current trends and get insights for crisis management and communication.

Benchmark Performance

Evaluate your campaigns effectiveness and benchmark against yourself and competition. Optimize your campaigns with the right data.

Online Monitoring

The internet is an endless sea of information. More of a tsunami, really. We help you identify the online media sources that are relevant to your brand.

International, national and regional coverage. Anything with a www. will be scanned and carefully sourced for you through our Pythia platform.

Need to be on top of everything? We’ve got you covered. We will alert you on time, as per your preference, via email alert. All sources can be viewed and downloaded and back searched for reporting and research purposes.

Broadcast Monitoring

Embarrassing interview on TV? Important scheduled interview on radio? We’ve got you. Ornico monitors more than 200 TV and radio stations across Africa on a continuous basis.

Be in control of your media presence and track every conversation on broadcast media. Whether that is a simple interview clip, an important mention in the news or any other coverage.

Easily access the video or sound clips that are archived in the Pythia media monitoring and analysis platform.

We’ve got you covered. We will alert you on time, as per your preference, via email alert. All clips can be viewed and downloaded and back searched for reporting and research purposes.

Social Media Monitoring​

Be on top of your social media presence and identify growth, reach, sentiment, engagement and response rates and trends in a timely manner.

​Our social media listening technology provides you with content that is valuable for your brand’s reputation strategy with content that matters to you.

Monitor the daily trends and conversations and review your competition, industry and keep up with the fast-changing landscape of social media by setting up alerts and accessing all data through Pythia platform.

"We find that Ornico’s wide-cast reach in terms of South African print and online publications as well as radio and TV broadcasts and social media has helped us stay atop our clients’ communication needs while equipping us with the tools to quantify the value of our PR offerings to our clientsto help them measure their return on investment at all times"
Account Director
Multinational Communications Agency

Be on top of the conversation with invaluable data

Communication Managers who are interested in getting reliable, timely and relevant data to manage their communication strategies.

Account managers and directors who want to have complete overview of their clients creative presence but also create new business opportunities.

Ornico’s media monitoring provides reputation management and crisis detection which is extremely important for organizations like political parties, government and non profits.

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Keep track of your brand's media presence with Ornico's high quality media monitoring