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We monitor thousands of media channels – from daily, weekly and community newspapers and magazines, trade publications, through to major and community radio and television stations, websites and social media platforms.

Ornico uses the best technologies and measurement standards — like pattern-matching, voice to text, and optical character recognition — to monitor and analyse editorial content.

  • Monitor news and discussions and other earned media across print, television, radio, online and social media
  • Analyse media coverage and emerging issues
  • Keep track of brand and organisational reputation and sentiment
  • Quick insights for crisis communication
  • Improve media relations
  • Measure and evaluate your public relations or communication strategy
  • Monitor and analyse competitor media coverage
  • Monitor political, economic, social, legislative and other issues which may affect your organisation
  • Customised media analyses as per your needs

Our smart Artificial Intelligence systems and our smarter people make the difference. Our online platforms enables you to easily analyse editorial and earned media. Our analysts provide even deeper insights.

Find out more about custom insights to help your brand grow!

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