SpotCheque is the ultimate media advertising audit that independently verifies that advertisers’ commercials appeared in the correct booked placements as allocated by the advertising media schedule.

Available for television, radio & print campaigns it helps prevents losses (9-15%) in advertising investment due to booking errors.

Exisiting Clients

Safeguard Your Ad Investment

By quickly rectifying errors you can ensure the reach or frequency of campaigns remain unaffected. SpotCheque is one of Ornico’s most popular services because it literally pays its own way. Picking up a broadcast error on your campaign can save you tens of thousands of Rands, if not more.

What To Expect

Error notification is offered on the spot while campaigns are running, for corrective action to be taken immediately by your media agency.

A monthly comprehensive detailed report is provided on the accuracy of the placement. It not only verifies that an advertisement appeared (or not) but also provides details on various errors that may occur like incorrect advertisement or timeframes, quality, adjacent competitor advertisements and more.

Visual evidence is kept for four weeks to give enough opportunity to rectify the error with your broadcaster.

"We spend about R150 million on television adverts. We were estimating that about 10% of that does not appear as scheduled. Ornico has been excellent in spotting these errors and provided extra added value. Excellent auditing system."
Head of Marketing & Advertising
The largest retail pharmacy chain in South Africa


Advertising monitoring impacts the whole team

Ensure that your advertising investment is safeguarded with Ornico's SpotCheque