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Are you a brand or marketing manager Ornico can help you by tracking all the areas where the media touches consumers - from outdoor advertising and social media through to media coverage on crisis issues. entrusted to grow your brand? Do you need to monitor your competitors'
latest breaking advertising campaigns?
Ornico monitors media content across many channels so you don't have
to - television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, social media,
outdoor, mobile and direct marketing.
KNOW HOW TO GROW At Ornico, we benchmark your marketing and communication activities to provide an independent view of your performance compared with competitors. This informs you to make better decisions to grow your brand. KNOW
We analyse the data for insights – from
reputational performance through to share
of voice, adspend trends and full 360°
brand and industry landscape reviews.

Slide social media Are you a brand or marketing manager entrusted to grow your brand? Ornico can help you by tracking all the areas where the media touches consumers - from outdoor advertising and social media through to media coverage on crisis issues.

It was 1978 — as a young student Oresti Patricios was doing odd jobs to survive, when his best friend said they should go into business together.

A year later Nick and Oresti shot their first wedding on video. Before then, a couple’s big day was always captured on film. Together with Nick’s cousin, Costa, the trio pioneered local wedding videos.

Where does the name Ornico come from? It is the first part of the names of the original partners – Oresti (OR), Nick (NI) and Costa (CO). In 1981 when Oresti’s two founding partners left, he was joined by his brother Spero. The pair kept the brand, and branched out into low budget music videos, as well as corporate and training movies.

In 1984 the brothers freelanced for ad legends J. Walter Thompson South Africa [JWT], and started using the agency’s editing facilities. Quality work, speedy delivery and an unrelenting focus on client service to JWT saw Ornico become the agency’s firm favourites.

Soon JWT jobs were piling up for the pair, and that year Oresti and Spero realised there was a gap in the market to provide ad agencies with competitor adverts. Around the same time Ornico started negotiating win-win deals with other agencies. The business grew on the back of excellent client service, and Ornico took the first step toward becoming a Brand Intelligence® company.

By 1988, the fledgling company made its first ever acquisition by purchasing its major competitor, Drive Video. More mediums (radio, outdoor, print, direct marketing, mobile, online, social media) were added through the years with news monitoring added by 2002. Social media intelligence soon followed.

The new millennium also saw Ornico expanding across the African continent opening offices in Nigeria and Kenya, providing various media, reputational and brand data and analysis services to a broad range of clients.

2016 was a particular highlight when Ornico was recognised globally by winning two Gold AMEC Awards for best communication measurement in the world.

With the 2017 launch of its new headquarters, Ornico City, in Johannesburg, the organisation positioned itself for continued growth and expansion. The future is artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics coupled with superior human insights.

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